Should you message the guy first

Should you message the guy first

Let’s make it clear once and for all.

If you are afraid to cross a side between interest and persistence, then you worry whether it is worth writing the first to the man. We will tell about the main reasons why the guy does not write. Knowing them, you will make the decision.

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Whether it is worth text the guy you just met first

The nature of men is that victories and gains are necessary for them. And to take the first step to the girl is one of such victories. In most cases, if the guy does not call, he is not too interested.

If after the first appointment the man does not contact you, then the reasons can be also others. He hesitates or does not want to seem persuasive. For men feelings of uncertainty, as well as are also characteristic of girls. Probably, the man does not write because of an age difference, various social status and financial position. He does not even assume that it was pleasant to the girl. In this case the first step from the woman is appropriate.

    The diffidence can be the reason why the man does not write,

Some men specially wait a pause to look how the girl will prove. Someone will be frightened off by its persistence. Someone after the message of the woman will make sure that it is interesting. So, in this case think whether it is worth writing the first.

The man can be busy. Many prefer to resolve business matters first of all and only then personal. Therefore, it is difficult to him to find time that right after meeting last night to contact the new date. You should not obsess over him too much, better chat with other guys in the mean-time. This will help to keep you busy and do not overthink things.

There is a probability that he lost the phone number, he has problems with the device or not Internet connection. In this case you will help to reestablish communication if you write to the first.

Should you text first if you are dating for a while

If you plan a serious relationship, and the man does not write, there can be several reasons:

  •     Some men do not love correspondence.
  •     The man lost to you interest and meets another.
  •     There was an unforeseen situation: disease, dismissal and so forth.
  •     He is angry or is offended.

Analyze your last meeting to understand the reason.

Probably, the man simply not the fan to write, and prefers calls and meetings. If you meet long ago, then hint him that to you very pleasant to receive from him messages.

If you are sure that your incorrect behavior was the reason of a quarrel, write to the first. It will improve your relations. If the man got sick or he had something unforeseen, then he needs your support. Therefore, your message will let him know that you about him worry.

If the man ignores your messages and calls, then do not insist. Possibly, you are uninteresting to him.

Assess a situation and decide whether it is worth texting first. Presently there are no strict rules.

At early stages of dating “will call – will not call”, “will write – will not write” and when, is a test of his interest. As tension in network. If in this socket 120 instead of 220, and your hair dryer works from 220, to insist silly: “No, it is necessary to me! Get it done!” Or to thrust and hope: can, through a half-hour will earn? Or tomorrow? Here only yes and no. If you were pleasant, then he will call in the same day or on following. In such situation – there is no sense to take the first step.

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