8 movies about love only for adults

8 movies about love only for adults

Problems, it seems, at all same: at first – how to find love, then – how to live with the love. But people resolve these banal issues so differently that plots about love and sex there is an infinite number.

My Awkward Sexual Adventure, 2012

My Awkward Sexual Adventure

The accountant from Winnipeg Jordan is left by the beloved right after the offer of a hand from heart. The reason only one – it is boring in a bed. To return the girl, it decides to take lessons of a sexual educational program from the professional stripper in exchange for services of the financial consultant in return.

The Late Bloomer, 2016

The Late Bloomer

The sexologist Peter Newman in the books with might and main advances the idea that sex is not so important in life and it would be worth redirecting this energy to more productive course. However very few people know that Peter does not understand this question at all. Soon the hero learns about the true reason of his indifference to sex – the tumor prevented to pass the puberty period in a brain. When the hindrance is removed surgically, the thirty-year-old man will sharply enter the pubertal period, and he should reconsider the views thoroughly. By the way, history is taken from real life.

Newness, 2017


Gaby and Martin did not get used to a serious relationship, monotony of family life and obligations which are holding down sincere rushes. However, they so liked society of each other that after the first night they did not want to leave for ever. And, not absolutely to refuse the habits, decided that they will have open relationship and they will tell each other different details of the authorized unfaithfulness.

Kiki, el amor se hace, 2016

Kiki, el amor se hace

The erotic comedy about five couples with different sexual preferences. They quite in detail discuss the imaginations, share secrets and try to understand problems.

Swinger, 2016


Married couples come to swingers club for the weekend to have a rest and solve the sexual and household problems in the radical way. Many are here regularly for many years, and new experience turned for them into a boring habit long ago. But once in club, interesting beginners – Patrick and Patricia appear.

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

The elderly man finds the beaten woman on the street, having regretted, takes her to himself home, and she tells him about the nympho youth. Well somehow to explain how she came to be in a gate. Honestly, without embellishing anything, transfers the shocking stories, and her interlocutor quietly makes the observations about it.

Nymphomaniac: Vol. 2

Nymphomaniac: Vol. 2

In the second part of the movie Joe’s nymphomaniac continues the story. Now she tells about the hardest time of the life – when she ceased to derive pleasure from sex and tried to return him.

Nuit #1, 2011

Nuit #1

Clara and Nikolai meets in club and, not for long reflecting, are filled up to it home more precisely to express mutual sympathy. And here after physical exposure and loud sex the sincere striptease will begin – will talk till the morning.

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